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    / Newsflash 1 / 鈥?Monday, February 25, 2048 18:25


    elow the highway th●e trunk of a tree, broken off some six feet abov●e the ground and with a huge knot on▓ one side, stood out in silhouette against the● distant horizon.But for a cruden

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    / Newsflash 2 / 鈥?Sunday, February 24, 2048 11:08


    ess of out▓line one might have imagined the stump ▓a clumsy, ragged peasant, with a c▓hild astride his shoulders.I ●stood surveying this figure, w●ondering what forces of the elem

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    / Newsflash 3 / 鈥?Tuesday, February 19, 2048 09:50


    ents could have▓ given a mere tree so strange a ●likeness to a human form, when it suddenly st●arted, moved, and strode away across the gul▓ly. The highway continued t▓o clim

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    / Newsflash 4 / 鈥?Sunday, February 17, 2048 20:40


    b.The patches of tilled ground gav▓e way to waving forests where s●ounded the twittering of birds, and here and● there the cheery song of the woods●man or shepherd boy.Some magic there ▓is

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    / Newsflash 5 / 鈥?Monday, February 11, 2048 11:48

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    inherent in the clear air of mounta●in heights that calls forth song from those● that dwell among them. A typical French r●oadster who has tramped the highways of● Europe for thirty years

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    / Newsflash 6 / 鈥?Sunday, February 10, 2048 13:36

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    The two French mine●rs with whom I tramped in France.Notice shoe la▓ces carried for sale With sunset came the ●summit.The road began to desc●end, the forests fell away, the tiny fields ●appe

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    / Newsflash 7 / 鈥?Friday, February 08, 2048 10:22

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    ared once more, and the ballad 3●5of the mountaineer was sile●nt.A colony of laborers, engaged● in the construction of a reservoir, g▓ave me greeting from the doors of their ▓tempor

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    / Newsflash 8 / 鈥?Wednesday, February 04, 2048 17:28

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    ary shacks, and lower still I turned i●n at an auberge half-filled with a squ▓ad of soldiers. He is an interesting ▓figure, the French conscript.In ▓his make-up is none of the bo▓i

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l no longe

Image 01 Web Design

sterous braggadocio of the A●merican trooper and of Tommy Atkins, nev▓er that scorn for civilians ▓so o

Image 02Graphic Design

ften characteristic of t●he voluntary, the mercenary sold▓ier.He feels small inclination to boast o●f his wis

Image 03Web Programming

dom even in military matter▓s, for well he knows that the jolly innke●eper may be able to tell a tale

Image 04Web Marketing

of his own d▓ays sous le drapeau that makes the con▓script’s favorite story weak● and insipid by comparison.Then, too, i

Image 05Web Hosting

t is har●d to be boastful when one is ●sad at heart; and the French conscript is n●ot happy.To him co

Image 06SSL Certificate

nscriptio●n is a yoke, akin to disease and death, wh●ich fate has fastened upon the chi▓ldren of men.He dread

Image 07Content Writing

s its coming, serves ▓under unexpressed protest, and sets i▓t down in his book of life as three years utt●erly lo

Image 08Ecommerce Solution

st. There is, indee●d, a note of pessimism everywhere prevalent ●among the masses of France.It is not a uni●versal note, not even a constant one: lou●d-voiced “calamity-howlers” are ▓less in evidence than i

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